How To Change/Wire A Plug

August 4, 2011 10:23 am 32 comments

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Nowadays all electrical appliances are sold with factory-fitted plugs that you can’t open.  Whilst this is a safety feature it does mean that if the plug is damaged, you’ll need to cut through the flex to change it. Changing a plug is now a lost art – but we’re here to show you how to safely change a UK plug.

It goes without saying that you need to disconnect it from the power supply first – we won’t be responsible for any little incidents (like electrocution by 240v) if you don’t pay attention to this particular rule!

Time required: 5 minutes
Cost involved: £1 approx

Tools Required

  • Craft knife or wire-stripper
  • Small screw driver
  • Philips screw driver
  • Replacement plug

What To Do

  1. Make sure the plug is disconnected from the power supply then cut right through the flex close to the damaged plug. Using a craft knife or a wire-stripper cut off about 50mm of the outer sleeve of the flex, leaving the core wires exposed. Trim off about 15mm of the insulating sleeve on each of the core wires, exposing the bare copper wire, using a wire stripper. NOTE Be very careful when cutting the outer insulation – you don’t want to cut into the brown, green/yellow or blue insulation at the same time. If this happens you’ll need to cut the wire back and start again,  as any damage to the inner insulation could be dangerous.
  2. Open the new replacement plug by unscrewing the central screw on the back of the plug. Unscrew the flex gripper and insert the flex. One by one, unscrew each of the three holding screws and insert the bare copper wire from each core into each retainer as follows:

* Blue Neutral to the left
* Green and Yellow Earth at the top centre
* Brown Live to the right.

3.   Make sure each screw is tight and the wires are firmly connected. Screw the flex grip back to retain the flex securely. Replace the back cover of the plug and screw firmly.

Also keep in mind your fuse choice – that little cylinder of protection on the right hand side. As a general rule:

For appliances up to 720W: 3amp
For appliances from 720W to 3kW: 13amp

Dedicated to Matt & Giles – eagle eyed readers who save lives.
Superheroes, really



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