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July 26, 2011 8:25 pm 5 comments

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Passwords – those little crazy combinations of letters and numbers (and occasionally symbols, the bastards). More and more sites are using increasingly complex password requirements to protect their services and users.

One of the basic rules of password creation – do not use the same password for every site. If an unscrupulous fellow managed to get hold of one, even if it’s for something non-critical (like a Twitter account, or your long forgotten e-retailer), they’ll almost guarantee to try it out on your email address. Heaven forbid that works, then the doors are wide open for an identity raping.

There is a very simple method you can use to alleviate all of your password worries -

1) Base your password on a word – which can still be your favourite pet, or other half, but only as a starting block. Many sites crack down on obvious words. Take your base password, and remove the last letter.

2) Find a way of altering this base password, depending on the site you are signing up for. By using the same way of generating the finished product, you will have a unique password for every website you register with.

An example:

Base password – Jennife

Then it’s time to create your password generating algorithm. Here are some suggestions:

  • How many letters in the site domain? If you’re signing up for – that can be 5
  • How many syllabols in the site domain? If you’re signing up for – that can be 3
  • What is the 2nd and 4th letter in the domain? If you’re signing up for – that can be I & G

By using your base password, along with one or more “rules”, you’ll have a very unique password for every website – and only one thing to remember each time!


  • = 5Jennife2AO
  • = 9Jennife3IR
  • = 4Jennife1IG



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